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The TSL is a SWATH (Small Waterplane-Area Twin-Hull). At the water surface its hulls are very slender and its buoyancy bodies (floaters) are immersed at a depth unaffected by waves. This allows the TSL to maintain an extremely steady ride (no structural slamming) at regular service speeds beyond any typical mono-hull or catamaran in rough head seas. Providing excellent sea keeping traits for crew and load safety. The sea frame is also designed for quick changes in draft by ballasting its floaters. This patented technology enables a 90 minute float-on/float-off (Flo/Flo) exchange of barges.

SWATH Sea Trials

The excellent handling of rough seas is exemplified by the Sea Trials of a SWATH by Abeking & Rasmussen (background) and a mono-hull (foreground) in waves resulting from winds of Bft 7-8 in the German Bight.

The TSL is designed for simple modular construction:

  1. - rectilinear flat panels

  2. - floaters can be built and launched separately

  3. - final assembly afloat