TSL Platforms - Unlimited Load Flexibility

The TSL’s three platforms carry barges which enter port or go directly up-river to an inland port. A single platform can carry any type and combination of barges (or flat-bottomed vessel) fitting within a footprint of 32,6 m x 76,5 m and a lifting capacity of  6.600 t gross or 19,800 t gross when considering all 3 platforms.

One, two or all platforms can be submerged simultaneously or sequentially. This allows for selective cargo exchange at each stop on a TSL’s route.

Under way, each platform deck is  8,0 m above water. When floating on barges, the depth over a submerged platform is 4,3 m to enable the flo/flo exchange while decks of the other platforms remain above water at 0,3 m freeboard.

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