The TSL Vessel and its 3 Drafts

Unique to the TSL is a patented ballast-system that enables a quick change in draft. In addition to its voyage and loading drafts, the TSL offers a traversing draft for wading through shallow coastal waters. This feature makes the TSL a highly versatile coast-capable vessel.

Voyage Draft - 12,0 m

While at sea, the TSL has a draft of 12,0 m.

Loading Draft - 20,0 m

Once the TSL reaches a destination outside port it ballasts down to 20,0 m. The TSL is dynamically positioned during the 90 minute Flo/Flo cycle.

Traversing Draft - 7,5 m

This is the draft at which the TSL accommodates shallows.

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To accommodate the 20,0 m loading draft, a sea floor depression of 1.5 x the length of the TSL is required.

Depressions are typically found near-shore and can be identified on standard charts provided by charting agencies upon request.