Vessel Overview

The Trans Sea Lifter (TSL) is an oceangoing universal carrier, specialized only by its payload-barges. These barges can be of any type and size typically used in the Short-Sea or River-Sea trades.

In a typical Short Sea operation, a TSL sails on a fixed route connecting major and regional ports and river mouths on a ferry-like schedule. At each TSL stop:
- outbound barges are pre-positioned outside a port or a river mouth
- upon arrival, the TSL exchanges barges within 90 minutes and steams on

Unique TSL traits

- Large SWATH Sea Frame
- Open Cargo Platforms
- Multiple Drafts
- Float On/Float Off (Flo/Flo) Port Interface - executed outside port
- Seamless Networking Capability
- Green Ship for green transport chains

Vessel Overview
Vessel Sea Frame
Vessel Platform
Vessel Drafts
Vessel Characteristics
Green Ship

The TSL System offers new business opportunities to short sea shipping and ports, as it removes conventional constraints to accelerating throughput.