TSL The Universal Carrier: One Ship Many Applications

The TSL is a fully ocean-going vessel suited for many applications. It’s highly stable, submersible, and open platforms are the key enabler to carry any type of load. Listed below are examples of the TSL’s versatility.

Commercial Applications:

- SSS Transshipment Traffic (RoRo / Containers)
- SSS Bulk and Break Bulk Cargoes
- SSS Factory Movements
- Heavy Lift

Infrastructure Applications:

- Unbroken transfer of industrial plants
- Develop low infrastructure high service volume ports in emerging countries
- Disaster relief: reliable mode in times of crisis (Hurricane/Tsunami)
- Offshore & Ocean Engineering (e.g. Wind Farms or Cable Lines)

Dual Use Applications: Sea-Based Logistics with Low to No Footprint

Process Area:

- Supply & Sustainment
- Transportation & Distribution
- Maintenance & Repair
- Advanced Expeditionary Support
- Post-Conflict Support

The TSL’s universal sea frame, offers unprecedented adaptability to changing requirements on any route.

It adapts to any trade by changing barges synchronous

to cargo offerings.

Activity Range:

Home-Base to Sea-Base

Home-Base to Operational Area

in the Sea-Base

Sea-Base to Shore

Anywhere to Shore